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Finn-Rachel Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Finchel,Hudsonberry
Intimacy Level: Boyfriend/girlfriend,In Love
Started Dating: Dated, Broke Up In Hell-O

Began Dating in Journey, Broke up in Special Education Began dating in New York

Dating Status: Dating

The Rachel-Finn Relationship, commonly known as Finchel, is the on-off romantic relationship between Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson.Rachel fell in love with Finn in Pilot when she realized what a good singer he was. When they were standing in line at Vocal Adrenalins Invitationals, Rachel commented that they should start dating, but Finn told her he was dating Quinn Fabray. Later, in the episode Sectionals, Rachel tells Finn that Beth is not his daughter, but Pucks. Rachel later says that she only did it so she and Finn could grow closer together. The two started dating inbetween Season 1 and 2, but then Finn broke up with Rachel because Rachel found that Finn had sex with Santana the year before.Rachell was so mad at Finn that she was going to have sex with Puck, but Puck backed out.Later on, Rachell told Finn and he broke up with her. In New York, the two begin dating again.


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