Puck-Quinn Relationship
Puck and Quinn food fight♥
General Information
Nickname: Quick,Lucky,Fuckerman
Intimacy Level: Dated, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Parents
Children: Beth Corcoran
Started Dating: Hell-O
Dating Status: Ended During Post-Season 1 Break

The Quinn-Puck Relationship is the relationship between Quinn Fabray and Noah Puckerman. They are most commonly known as Quick but can also be referred to as Lucky (a combination of Puck and Quinn's real first name, Lucy) and Fuckerman. One night, they got drunk on wine coolers and had unprotected sex. This lead to Quinn getting pregnant and having a daughter which Puck named Beth. She later gave her up for adoption in Journey and she is adopted by Shelby Corcoran in the end.

Although they are one of the main couples on Glee during season one, they have had no romantic story lines and few moments since the beginning of season two.

Shelby Corcoran, who adopted their daughter, Beth in season one, has been announced to return for season three which is said to make things "complicated" for Quinn and Puck. Beth is also confirmed to be returning, which may pave the way for a final romantic storyline between the graduating pair, they might be getting back together, due to Puck and Lauren's reported break-up.


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