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Quinn-Sam Relationship
Sam and quinn.jpg
General Information
Nickname: Quam, Fabrevans
Intimacy Level: Ex boyfriend and girlfriend,


Started Dating: Duet
Dating Status: Broke up in Comeback

The Sam-Quinn Relationship is the relationship between Sam Evans and Quinn Fabray which is also known as Quam or Fabrevans. They are also referred to as "Ken and Barbie" by Rachel in Special Education. Their relationship begins at the beginning of season two in the episode Duets and ends in the episode Comeback when Sam finds out that Quinn made out with Finn. The two appear to be friends once more in Rumours when Sam says that Quinn's helping him babysit his younger siblings, and when Quinn comes to Sams defense when he is accused of adultery.



Sang Together (In a Group Number)[]

Sang to each other (Sam to Quinn)[]