Hello Gleekians!! I just want to set the general guide line to what you signature should look like and, how to make them!

Please note that you must change all of the capital letters

Step 1: Go to your profile and edit adding [ [User:YOUR USERNAME/Sig1] ] (No spaces). It is not manditory for you to write 'Sig1', most people just write 'Sig' but you can also create 'Sig2' or 3, so it might come in handy.

Do not hit publish!! Click preview and right click on the link, choose to open it.

Step 2: Editing you signature. Choose a quote, or a ship name, or anything you want (As long as it's mentioned below)

Step 3:


Custom Color: < span style="color:INSERTCOLOR" >YOURTEXTHERE< /span >

Background Color: < span style="background-color:INSTERTCOLOR" >YOURTEXTHERE< /span >

Raise The Text: Do any code, but add before and after YOURTEXTHERE

Box Around Text: < span style="border:1px solid INSTERTCOLOR;" >YOURTEXT HERE< /span >

Double Box: < span style="border:3px double INSERTCOLOR;" >YOURTEXTHERE< /span

Different Text: < span style="font-family:INSTERTFONT >YOURTEXTHERE< /span >

Add A Picture: Just instert a picture. Want it of Fichel? Here's an example of a picture. [ [File:Lea_and_Cory.png|thumb] ] Get rid of 'Thumb' so it's [ [File:Lea_and_Cory.png|] ] And add in '100x' so it's [ [File:Lea_and_Cory.png|100x] ]

Step 4: Click publish, yes, you're done your signature! Go to your prefrences and select 'Custom Signature'. Make it { {User:YOURUSERNAMEHERE/SIG1} }




Need More Help?

If you really don't understnad, here's what you can do.

  • Leave a message on my talk page and I will give you a step by step tutorial personally
  • I can make it for you!! Just tell me what you want :)
  • Go on Glee.Wiki to look for some, but this is the most straight forward one there is.


These are some questions I've been asked about signatures.

Q: What can I have on my signature?

A: Anything you want!! Well... How about a ship?

Q: Is it possible to have 2 things on my sig?

A: Do you mean like a box and a color? Yes, just combine the two.

FuinnFor The WinIt's Endgame 21:52, September 6, 2011 (UTC)

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